lunedì 8 dicembre 2014

Dynamics Agent Intelligence Crowd System

Dynamic Agent Intelligence Crowd System from Federico Cascinelli on Vimeo.


D.A.I.C.S. is a Maya custom tool I develop in the autumn 2014 using MEL scripting and Maya expressions.

In this first version agents are Maya RBD Objects based on the famous game "RISIKO" and they can interact with other agents via the line of fire and the pointer using particle collisions. 

The first collision checks if the tank detected is a friend or an enemy and based on the result they decide if to fire or not.

An expression control the direction and movements of each single agent; a second expression is created once the particles collide with the enemies and control that the bullet hits the tank. If the collision is true the tank is deleted and remain in the scene as an inactive RDB object, if the collision doesn't happen, once the particle dies, the "fire system" is reseted.